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GAUTAMI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY – Eliciting the joy of learning since 1986

Founded in the year 1986, under the leadership of Late Chappidi Ramakrishna Reddy, Gautami Educational Society has been operating educational institutions with an undeterred aim of providing Quality Education. Under his vision, the Schools and Intermediate Colleges have engendered socially and morally aware and responsible citizens over the past 3 decades.

The Society catered to Intermediate Education for about 15 years, producing top 100 Rank holders in various Competitive Exams. In 2001, the Society switched to Secondary Education as well.

The Society stands on the pillars of Academic ExcellenceEmpathyIntegrity, and Adaptability. The Schools under the Society continue to live up to the standards and values on which the Society‚Äôs foundation was laid. With a humble and conscious presence, they promise to prepare the students for a life of personal independence and readiness to contribute positively to the society and world at large.

I am happy to walk the journey of another year along with you towards sharpening the skills and abilities of your Child. As we embark on our journey, I would like to remind you that every child is unique and comes with his/her own potential.

Here at GVK, we will identify this and work towards giving the child the right blend of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. At each level, Our Curriculum is thoroughly planned in a way the transition to the next level of learning comes with ease and the required competence.

With the right communication at the right time and Partnership, we can see our Children achieve greater heights. Looking forward to another eventful year!

Ch. Swetha Reddy

Correspondent & Secertary

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